Information about Repaired and Processed Items, and Facilities

Surface and Hole Processing for Aluminum Boat Water Jet Installation (Dispatch Work)

Small Patrol Boat: Installation Stand Surface Processing (Dispatch Work)

Manufacture of Special Purpose Buckets

  • Valve Seat Frame Aligner
    (French Company SERDI)
  • Cylinder Boring Machine
    (Italian Company RUARO)
  • Crankshaft grinding machine
    (Italian Company BERCO)
  • Cylinder line boring machine
    (German Company MATRA)
  • Bucket
    Reinforcement, remodeling, added build-up
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
    Disassembly Maintenance / Pressure Resistance Test
  • Hydraulic Lot Number
    Grinding Completion of Salvage Plating
  • Lifting Arm
    Curve Repair and Completion of Salvage Plating of Worn-out Parts
  • Salvage Plating with Powder Spray
  • Boring Completion of Salvage Plated Parts
  • Crank Shaft
    Magnetic Inspection Equipment for Cracks and Scarring
  • Crank Shaft
    Automated MIG Welding Equipment
  • Crank Case
    Housing Salvage Plating Line Boring Completion
  • Large Engine
    Disassembly / Mechanical Processing / Assembly / Trial Operation
  • Hard-bearing Balancing Machine (Akashi Seisakusho, Ltd.)
    Maximum length 2700 mm, Maximum diameter 1200 mm
    Dynamic Balancing Machine with Highly Accurate 1 g/mm Sensitivity
  • Cylindrical Grinding Surface Finishing Machine (SANKOH MACHINERY CORPORATION)
    Maximum length 2000 mm, Maximum oscillation 350 mm
    Surface roughness 0.05 s
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