Special Purpose Vehicles and Aircraft Maintenance Equipment

Distributor Agreement for Aircraft Maintenance Equipment with the German Company Hydro
In April of 2013, our company concluded a distributor agreement with the company Hydro for handling of domestic sales and after sale services of their aircraft jacks.

  • Tripod Jacks for Large Aircrafts
  • Axle Jacks

License agreement with P&W
Since 1998, we have entered into a licensing agreement for engine dollies of PW 4000 with Pratt & whitney Corporation in the United States. We have been designing, producing and maintaining engine dollies for PW 4000 for many years. In 2018 we signed a license agreement for the engine stand for PW1100G-JM

Engine Dolly: PW4000

Distributor agreement with EST companies for the sale of tube plugs
In July of 2005, our company concluded a domestic distributor agreement with the American company Expansion Seal Technologies (EST).
In the future, we are aiming to implement sales activities and introduce EST's core product, the "Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs" for feed water heaters to power utility companies, chemical factories, oil refineries and other.
Though still mostly unfamiliar in Japan, this plug has been the de facto standard for use as a cost-efficient and safe tube plug in western countries. A trial application at a major electric utility company in Japan has given great results, which lead to an anticipation of further expansion into other fields in the future.
Inquires: Third Sales Division (@Narita Plant)

  • Tube Plugs

KC 767: Repair and Maintenance Service Platform for Aircraft Tail Assembly

Engine Dolly: PW4000 Series Engine

Large Scale Satellite Rotation Device

Aviation Instruments

  • Cargo Compartment Repair and Maintenance Service Platform for B-767
  • Ramp for B-747 (Government aircraft)
  • Boarding Ramp Vehicle with Automatic Elevator
  • Engine Maintenance Service Platform for B-747 (Government aircraft)
  • Auxiliary-Engine Service Platform for B-747 (Government aircraft)
  • B-747 Auxiliary-Engine Dolly
  • Engine Maintenance Stand
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